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3.5 gallon tank
13 watt 6500k homedepot bulb
rated 10 gallon HOB filter with Purigen
81-83 degrees
3 neon tetras
No CO2 set up

Day 1.

Day 6
Decided to switch white sand to black sand ! 3.5 gallon it was easy to do..though it was annoying. Added the tall plant as well

Day 8
Added some water spangles
a branch, with java moss

Close up

water spangles :D

New branch with java moss, tied it with a green thread

also shout out to Aqua lab Aquaria for hooking me up with some freebies (San Jose)

By the way I currently have 3 tetras neons..what else can I add thats not neon tetras? also can I add any invertibrates ?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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