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Current Setup

Finnex Planted + 24/7
Eheim Ecco 2236
Tetra 150w heater

Floramax substrate

Dwarf amazon swords
Anubias nana
Crypt Wenditti brown
Jungle Val
moss ball
Dwarf Baby Tears

1 Plecoscomus
4 sunburst platys
1 Molly (a survivor from the beginning)
9 cherry barbs
1 black neon tetra (another survivor)

I bought my first tank on the cheap off craigslist, a 55gal that I made many mistakes on from starting with only a few plants to losing interest in it for a while and not taking care of it for months at a time.

Thread on the 55g

I had recently decided that I didn't want to have that green algae infested swamp sitting around any more and started doing regular water changes, manually removing as much algae as possible, and keeping an eye on the water parameters, using Seachem flourish, and uprgading the light to a HD diamond plate shop light. The plants really seemed to like the fertilizer and lighting because they started growing like crazy and plants that I thought had died were sprouting out of the sand/gravel mix.
A few months back though I grabbed a 40b at the Petco $1 per gallon sale and it had been sitting there since then waiting until I had a chance to change them out.
It was quite a bit of work to get everything switched over since the 40b had to go in the same spot as the 55.

Here are the fishies waiting for their new home to be set up.

Turns out I am not a very good aquascaper but here is the new tank.

I was worried about losing all of my bacteria by changing tanks and substrate, but I checked the levels yesterday (change out was Sunday) and nitrites were high at 0.5-1ppm so I did a 30% water change last night and will check them again this evening. No ammonia and Nitrates were present but low.
All of the plants except the baccopa, giant hairgrass, the moss ball, and dwarf baby tears came out of the 55.
I'm pretty sure I won't actually be able to grow the dwarf HC but giving it a shot anyway.

Now I need to keep an eye on things and see if I have enough light (the shop light over this tank looks brighter but I know that doesn't mean anything), educate myself on fertilizers, and diligently try to keep the algae at bay.

Thanks for reading and hopefully I will have progress in the future.

Bump: Oh, the rock of death is holding the driftwood down since it is still slightly buoyant.

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Well my Finnex light crapped out on me a couple days ago. They were as good as can be about it, sent me a prepaid UPS label to send it back and will repair or replace as long as the problem isn't physical or water damage.
I'm 99% sure that it is the power supply though, it only reads 0.3 VDC on my multimeter, and according to the label it should be putting out 15 volts.
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