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Hey everyone,

I have a 80x35x40cm tank (~31x14x16") currently stocked with a young three-spot gourami, six young tiger barbs, and a tiny bristlenose (there are no problems between the gourami and the barbs). The back & middle of the tank is planted with amazon swords and vallisneria, has lots of driftwood, and sand substrate excluding the planted section. The filter is a Fluval U3, rated for 40gal / 150L.

Even with the adult sizes in mind, the tank seems a little bare - I was wondering whether someone has any suggestions as to what I could add to fill it up a little? Originally, what I had in mind was to get around 4 platinum green tiger barbs to complement the existing school of the natural strain, but the platinums haven't been available.

Now, I'm deciding between a school of cories or a rainbow shark (though the tank might be too small). Anyone have any other ideas?

Thanks in advance :)
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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