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Hi guys.
This is my first tank in quite a few years. I have a 29 gallon tank that I have filled with the following. 20 pound eco complete bottom layer covered with sand and small pebbles which are mostly pea-sized. There are also several fist size rocks. These are rocks from Lake Ontario so they are very irregular but have been cleaned well (also none foamed up after spraying with hydrogen peroxide solution). The water was very hard because of the stone, dirt, and sand I believe but I changed out 40% for filtered water and it is much better now. I will change again in a week.
I also have a big driftwood piece which was soaked for a day and the water was changed a few times before I put it in the tank. There are still some tannins but not much. I would love to grow some great small covering plants on it if possible.
Planted so far is Radican Sword, Kleiner Bar Sword, and a Cryptocoryn. These were simply the only good looking plants at the small store that I visited.

I have been cycling for about 2 weeks with API quick start and introduced a plecko 3 days ago who seems very happy. All levels seem not to have been moving too much. Ammonia and nitrates have not really spiked(maybe because of the hardness?).

I have 7 strong LED's under the tank lid which I have not been able to identify and also a blue tube light in the corner with the swords.

As a beginner, I'd like some beginner fish after adding some more plants. I think I'm going to add 10(?) White Cloud Mountian Minnows in a few days and wait about 2 weeks before adding anything else(?)

I would love to have a simple, nice, tank which does not need a ton of extra care besides water changes, plant feeding, & testing. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

I'm excited to get back in to this.
Thank you!
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