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Along with the wonderful Liquid Rock we have, I didn't mention our old house has Galvanized Pipes which the water attacks and eats from the inside out! While we too have Iron in our water it hasn't been enough to bother fish or snails at full tap strength! I guess I will find out if the Neos can handle it! If not I will have to continue mixing R/O and tap, and acclimate the Swords to a bit softer water IF the Shrimp are going to be a part of their environment! In the mean time though we get flakes of water pipe clogging up our Faucet Airatiors and Shower heads Weekly, and the 1 micron Pre-Filter in my R/O unit is a glowing rust/Iron red in a matter of weeks after I replace it! So I am afraid I am going to be RE-PLUMBING the House SOONER than Later!!!! When we do I will for SURE go with PVC or another SYNTHETIC to keep this crap from happening again, and from adding anymore crap into the water than there already is!!! This is the ONLY time I am glad our house is Pier and Beam construction!!! At least the Plumber can go under the house and remove the old pipe and install new, and not have to jack hammer the concrete floors up to replace leaking pipes!!! The rest of the time for Aquarium keeping they SUCK!!!

Anyway Water horror story shared for tonight! LOL And it is funny how us "REAL" Fish NUTZ have our Tanks, and our water vats everywhere in our homes!!!! LOL!! Trash Cans full of water in the Kitchen, Multiple tanks in Living Room and Kitchen, Bedroom too! , Empty Tanks on the porch fish supplies in multiple closets, out everywhere! LOL Anyway Just wanted to let ya know I was having trouble with some of the mosses and Java Ferns too until I started placing them in areas of more current! Especially the Java Ferns and Bolbitis needs some current to be happy and grow! Once i put them in areas of a little more current they took off!!! Sometimes just moving them an inch or less made all the difference! I have read sooo many different journals in the last few days, and I slept some today, so my mind got erased on if you are testing your water parameters other than the basic Ph, Ammonia, Nitrites, and Nitrates, or if you are adding ferts other than the Osmacote+ you added in the beginning when you setup up the substrate, but maybe something is off a little there and the plants are needing 1 thing and getting a bit to much of another!

So like I said before you are in the difficult time of a Planted Tank when some things are doing good and others are not and you want it all to be great right now, but Ya have to take it easy and watch the plants! They will usually tell you what they need by how they look and grow, but they won't usually tell you overnight!!!

Again I am excited to watch this tank fill in, and the Shrimp continue to spread their Colony!:proud:
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