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I bought the LED lighting for my 20g from, and I really like it. Their solderless LEDs are very easy to put together, and the setup can be modified at will.

I used the tool from buildmyled to help decide on the mix of colors to get a good CRI and low color temp as I wanted. My CRI is above 95 and I am totally amazed at how it makes the colors come so alive!

I have 20 LEDs total, divided among 3 dimmable drivers : 8 cool white, 5 warm white + 3 cyan, and 4 deep red.

I am now considering replacing the lighting for my 95g. I currently have the LED lighting I used when it was a reef, except now I dont use the actinics because that much blue looks awful with plants. I want to replace it with something dimmable, and with a high CRI because I have seen how incredibly more beautiful it looks!
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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