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Okay, so I'm looking into buying a 29g and I definitely want to plant it heavily. A lot of the plants I like require high light so I'm thinking 3+ watts per gallon? It a
Current USA 30" Nova
Extreme T-5 Fixture
2x24W 10K/Freshwater

Its only 48 watts each, so I was thinking what if I mounted two of these bad-boys on the top? Is that something people normally do? Giving me 96W and about 3.3 WPG. Also this light comes with that special pink bulb, that is supposed to emit the part of the light spectrum that encourages growth? is that necessary? Or would it be better for me to just get another T5 HO bulb just like the other one already in there? Thanks everyone for any feedback.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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