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29g cleverly named tank (56K?)

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warning: i have no idea what i am doing. i am also open to any suggestions for improvement. thanks for looking!

Equipment and such:
Eco-complete substrate
Aquaclear 50 filter
2x24W T5 HO AquaticLife, one 650nm bulb and one 6000 K bulb
flourish excel SID
1 very attractive blue airstone
i also have dry fertilizers which i have hidden in the aquarium stand. i don't think i have enough light or CO2 to warrant their use yet, but i've been seeing some holes in my wisteria and other mild deficiency symptoms...

Hygrophyla difformis
Hemianthus callitrichoides
Ludwigia arcuata
Cryptocoryne wendtii
Windelov java fern(not a fan...)
Anubias barteri 'nana'
Java moss
Christmas moss
another unidentified moss species
a few tiny bits of pennywort

Current fish:
6 cherry barbs
1 albino paradise fish
hoping to get some rummy nose tetras, or scarlet badis, or pygmy corys, or some other interesting fish. not really sure what, yet.

i'll start from the beginning! just realized my camera's white balance is off in all these photos so my apologies for that.
Day 1: newly planted, looks very sad

a few closeups of my tiny hc. i put a bit of it on just about every possible surface in the tank, as i was not sure where it would grow best...

Day 15(2 weeks later). sorry about all the test tubes haha.

Day 21, looking slightly less sad

and some updated images of my hc patches...

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Thank you both!

Here's a fts i took yesterday(day 29). I added some Ludwigia repens to the right corner, but it's kind of hidden by that random bit of driftwood. I love getting new plants, but i hate planting them after i've already started a tank, as i never know where to put them!

and here are my fishes! i love these guys. they do not stay still for pictures, so only scripps is (kind of) in focus

and evea does not understand the appeal of algae wafers.
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