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Back story:
I got this as a present from my mom because I aced my science presentation. Yes. I did it on fish. I begged her to get me a tank so she got me a used one from a second hand store.

When it was first set up, the tank was badly infected with cyano bacteria. It wiped out almost all of my plants.

here's a picture(November 24th 2013):
Water Green Fluid Pet supply Organism

it doesn't have a lot in the picture because I did a big water change and got rid of most of them.

Fast forward to today(April 4th 2015), this is how the tank looks like now:
Plant Plant community Wood Pet supply Terrestrial plant

Water Plant Pet supply Fish supply Aquatic plant

List of my equipments:

1 marina slim 20 filter
1 marina slim 10 filter
24" finnex ray2
fluval M100 heater
top fin thermometer
Hydor Koralia Nano 240


PPS pro method
liquid CO2

Plant list:

Cork Screw Jungle val
Rotala Mini butterfly
Salvinia Mini
Riccia Fluitans
Narrow leaf Java Fern
Rotala Macrandra
Ludwigia Repens
Dwarf Sagittaria
Pearl Weed
Amazon Frogbit
Amazon Sward

1 Juvenile clown pleco
2 WC Peruvian Altum angelfish pair
2 Corydora Julii
3 Juvenile Siamese Algae eaters
Bunch of MTS


As time goes by, i'll be uploading more pictures of my tank, plants, fish etc. I've lived most of my childhood in the east coast near the ocean and near lots of rivers and lakes so seeing fish reminds me of my childhood. (Now I live in the city). I can't wait to see how my tank will develop in the future and seeing what my tank has gone through would be awesome!

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Great Job!!!!

Looks like you have a 3-sided view? Makes aquascaping a challenge, but certainly doable and makes the tank so much more enjoyable. I have a 180G in the den that's a peninsula as well and wouldn't change it for anything.

Some of the fish selections will leave you with some tough choices down the line a bit, so you have some thinking and preparing to do, but enjoy it. It looks awesome and it looks like you have everything thought out.

Boy! The East Coast to Toronto really is a big move. But Toronto is a neat place and you'll enjoy the difference.

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Time for an update! Sorry i was too occupied with school to have time to do updates!

I got an eheim 2217 canister filter since the 2 HOB wasnt doing the job. i was getting alot of detritus buildup on my plants. there was so much that it suffocated my Rotala macranda and the mini butterfly... at the end, there was only one stem of macranda left that managed to live and there was alot of stunted growth on the butterfly. After i got the canister filter, they've started to make a comeback.

I decided to get a pressurized CO2 set up because why not? the complete system was for sale for only 100$. it came with a Milwaukee m957 regulator, a 5lbs tank and an inline diffuser with the perfect diameter for the return tube. The tank was brand new but needed to be hydro tested but all of that for only 100$ was worth it. Its on 10 hours a day execpt for sunday (water change day). it comes on at 7am, 1h before the lights come on.

I also got lots of new plants. I got some:
Pogostemon erectus
Limnophila Aromatica
Tonnia fluvitans
Fissidens fontanus
Monte carlo
Alternanthera reineckii "mini"
Hygrophila araguaia
Hygrophilia pinnatafida

Heres some plants that i got rid of:
Riccia fluvitans
corck screw val
dwarf sag
amazon frogbit
salvinia mini

new linhabitants:
2 assassin snails

heres how the tank looks like now:


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Sorry for the long disappearance!!

I kinda lost interest in the hobby for a while mainly due to a huge thread algae problem and stress from school...

I lost lots of plants but some managed to survive...

Also, the angels didnt breed so I gave them to someone who has a bigger tank than mine...


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Thats how the tank looks like right now (picture above) and if anyone knows how to treat BBA, Thread/hair algae and GSA, it would be awesome if you can tell me!!

Lights are on from 8 to 4 and Im not too sure how much to dose (Perhaps a good place to start for me) as there aren't as many plants as I used to have. I can show the water parameters if needed.

Plant list:

Anubias barteri var. nana
Needle leaf java fern
Amazon sword
Anubias barteri var. nana

Fish List:

2 Harlequin rasbora
3 Sterbai corys
3 Julii corys
3 Otocinclus (I think they're breeding!)
4 Amano shrimps
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