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29 Gallon VERY Low Tech Tank

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Alright guys, I've been lurking this website for a couple years now and I'm finally going to start up a journal. I've been fish keeping for 2 years now and I'm not going to lie...I'm addicted.

My tank has also been running about a year and suprisingly, nothing drastic has happened. There was one ich outbreak, but that was brought under control very quickly. I do water changes once a month and I dose excel a couple times a week. I do have some unknown algae growing on the back wall and on some plants. Hopefully you guys will be able to identify it when I actually get pictures up.

I don't have a camera to take pictures, but I'm about to buy one for Christmas so hopefully you guys will still be interested. I'd also like to say that since this is a really low tech tank, updates aren't going to be too exciting. I'll try and do either a weekly or monthly update depending on how I feel.

Here's all the info I can give you guys-

Tank Size- 29 Gallons, Standard Dimensions 12'Dx18'Hx30'L
Filter- HOB Penguin Filter, 200 GPH.
Light- I can't remember the brand, but it's just a T8, 17 Watt Light.

Substrate- Regular Fluorite
Driftwood- Malaysian Driftwood Stump
Rocks- Zebra, Slate, and some random rock I found in my backyard.

Java Fern
(sorry i don't have specific names. not very good with that)

Fish Poop

9 Neon Tetras
6 Black Neon Tetras
5 Unknown Tetras (will provide picture soon...I promise)
2 Peppered Cories
1 Marble Angelfish
1 Tiger Barb
Unknown amount of Malaysian Trumpet Snails (They never come out during the day and don't eat the plants so I'm not too worried)

I know the tank is overstocked at the moment. The Tiger Barb, Black Neon Tetras, and Cories are going to be two years old and the regular Neon Tetras are going to be one year old, so I'm expecting a couple deaths in the future. I'm also expecting my Angelfish to grow nice and big and most likely use the Neon Tetras as a snack if they live long enough. Hopefully, with more frequent water changes, I'll be able to keep the water parameters under control.

I'm gonna update this as soon as I buy my camera.
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hey guys, christmas is coming up and i said i was going to buy a camera. only problem is that i have no idea what kind of camera i want, what brand, and where to buy it from. if you guys can help me out, that'll be great. im looking for a camera around $200-$250 dollars.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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