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Hello planted tankers!

I picked up this 29 gallon tank a week or so ago and just framed out this stand for it; I still need to build some side covers and a door to hide all of the electrical.

I am hoping to find some narrow leaf Java fern planted (glued onto the higher branches, anubias petite (glued onto the lower branches, dwarf sag (planted along the backside of the tank), random floaters, and S repens (planted in the lower foreground in the For Sale thread once I’m given access.

As far as fish, I am wanting to get about 10-15 rummynose tetras or CPDs which are hard to find locally now that Arizona Nature Aquatics is gone. If all else fails, my kids would enjoy seeing a large group of neon tetras swimming around the tank.

  • Dried manzanita from the White Mountains that I screwed together
  • Gray rock that I broke up

  • Fluval Aquaclear 50
  • Nicrew Class LED+

  • CaribSea Eco Complete
  • Flourish tabs and Osmocote Plus



I’m excited to be back in the fish tank game! I’m looking forward to your suggestions and constructive criticism!
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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