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well i have torn down, moved, and set up my 29 gallon tank. after losuing my two favorites fish, i decided it was time for a change. new setup, new journal. so here goes.

29 Gallon
120 watt cfl
8 hours a day with 55 watts and a4 hour 65 watt noontime burst.
mineralized topsoil capped with pool filter sand
5 lb co2 cylinder with reactor 500
eheim 2217 filter with hydor 200w inline heater

6 rainbow cichlid juvies
2 pepper cories
1 sterbai cory
1 calico bn pleco
1 tiger pleco

i'm not even sure right now, got a huge raok from a fellow wv member.

and on to the pictures




mystery snail

still have some plants arriving and currently looking for plants, maybe like a kleiner prinz sword.

i'm very excited to watch this grow out and watch the rainbow cichlids color up.
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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