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It’s been a while since I’ve been on here.

Years ago I got my first tank. I had always dreamed of having a planted freshwater aquarium. Like birds, I’d see fish weaving in and out of a lush, dense forest of vegetation. Tried for a while, never got it to look that great, but I had neither the money nor the means to improve it on my own (no car/no one willing to go to the LFS). My tanks (ended up with three) were left neglected for a loooong time when I left home for college. But my younger brother kept up on feeding, the filters stayed on, and I held on to a few fish but all of the plants were long dead. Just now finally took em with me to the uni. Now to get them from my car to my dorm..

Currently I have a 29 gallon, a 10 gallon, and 3.5 gallon (which I’ll likely just give away. I just needed a place to transport a bunch of ghost shrimp). The 29 (30.25 x 12.5 x 18.75) will be the star in this and I hope to use the 10 as a sump. No idea how to do that though. I brought two Marineland emperor 280s with me.

I need HELP. This time around I’m going to go slow and do it all right. I want to get that thriving underwater forest that I've always dreamed of! I’m willing to put in the time, discipline, and exorbitant amount of money this hobby requires.

  • Substrate (I want to use soil)
  • Lighting (I want carpet plants as well as short, medium, and tall plants. LEDs? T5HOs? Brands?)
  • CO2 system
  • Filtration
  • A good place to get a tank stand (please cheaper than pet stores!)
  • Design ideas (think structured, manicured forest. Lots of flora and hardscapes)

P.S. The name comes from a backpacking trip I did a couple years back in Yosemite. Fell in love with the place.. though I don't necessarily want the tank to be modeled after that. And I'll post pictures soon as I get the darned thing out of my car:confused:... Let me know if I missed anything!
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