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29 gallon oceanic biocube

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Hello, im starting my first planted tank in less that 5 weeks and am currently gathering my needed supplies. I've currently purchased a 15 pound bag of black flourite sand, 20 pounds of black tahitian sand, and a medium sized net. I'm purchasing a 29 gallon biocube, and am going to switch out the actinic (Sp?) with another 10,000k 36 wat straight pin bulb. I also have the hopes of using on using Api root tabs as well as Hagen Plant Grow Natural System (Includes CO2). I'd really love to have dwarf baby tears or dwarf hairgrass so it has a nice carpet, as well as some taller, nice looking plants. I'm going to set the tank up with mixed flourite and sand, with a few rock decorations, and hopefully (Crossing my fingers) some nice driftwood. I really do need help with plant choice and timing matters, so suggestions would be greatly apprecitated.

As for the fish i plan on keeping two fantail goldfish with airstones running at night so the fish arent poisened by the co2. Any suggestions for the fish or any help at all for me?
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Mixing the flourite and sand may sound like a good idea, but due to the irregular and inconsistent shape of flourite, the sand with undoubtedly eventually make it's way to the bottom of the tank.
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