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Here is a picture of my Aqueon 29 from 8 months ago. Everything in there is plastic and it's mostly stock Aqueon 29 kit items - light, heater, et cetera. Yesterday I moved it to a new apartment and used the move to replace... well, pretty much everything. I bought -

  1. A clear glass hood,
  2. Finnex 30"Planted+ light,
  3. 25 pounds of black Petco sand,
  4. 25 pounds of petrified wood off of,
  5. An Eheim Jager heater,
  6. A bunch of manzanita from,
  7. and an Aquaclear 50 with a prefilter on the intake (to keep the sand from wrecking my impeller).

I've been using the Aquaclear on the tank for about a month to try to seed the media, and I bagged a bunch of old gravel in nylons to lay across the new substrate. The wood got soaked for 2 months in a giant rubbermaid and still smells slightly funky. I washed the sand thoroughly and didn't have any problems with clouding. Here's what I have so far:

Kitchen counter layout,

Leveling tank and applying black background,

Tank filled and fish added (bonus nylon stockings filled with old gravel),

That GSA'd piece of mopani is from the old tank setup also - and the only piece of wood in the tank that wasn't secretly a resin ornament.

I haven't chosen plants yet. I was thinking bolbitis, anubias nana and petite, and maybe vals or something else long and thin for the back left corner. I filled that corner with Eco Complete I had left over from another tank. The sand slopes from about 1" in the front to 3" in the back. What do you guys think? Layout changes? Any hardy plant suggestions? I've read that some of my fish think most plants are delicious (rosy barbs, gold barbs, and a juvenile chinese algae eater).
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