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I'm converting my 29 gallon community tank into planted.
I will not be using CO2 and also got a very good deal on Coralife Lunar Aqualight lighting with 2x 65W CF 6700K new bulbs.

The question I have is about fertilizing. I found some dosing online for 29 gallon but with max of 60-65W of light:

2x a week:
KNO3: 1/8 teaspoon KNO3
KH2PO4 1/16 or less, maybe a rice grain or less worth(short grain rice), or a roughly the size of a BB.
TMG: 4 mls
GH booster: 1/2 teaspoon after water change
2x the Excel dosing suggestion.

Is 130W too much for a non CO2 29 gallon tank? If not, what fertilizer dosing should be used for 130W?

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