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-Substrate: Ecocomplete + Humus
-Light: Finnex Ray2 30"
-Heater: Aqueon Sumbersible 100W
-Filter: Aquaclear 70

Week 1: Cycling using filter media + substrate from an established tank, driftwood, few java fern plantlets glued in

Week 3: Added rosette sword, cardinal plant, anubias nana, val, pennywort, floated red cabomba, and 4 harlequin rasboras,

Week 4: Moved some things around

Week 5:added more vals, another type of anubias (?) + bacopa cuttings, 6 harlequin raspboras + bonded pair of blue rams

Week 5.5 Added oto cat and albino bristlenose pleco

Current flora:
rosette sword
cardinal plant
anubias nana
jungle val
red cabomba
larger anubias

Current fauna:
10 harlequin rasboras
2 german blue rams
1 pleco
1 oto

I hope to get the blue rams to spawn, so I'm keeping the tank around 80 and feeding freeze dried bloodworms, flake, and sinking pellets + algae wafers to be sure everyone gets a chance to eat. Also dosing excel + flourish once a week. I'm going to add a few lower things to the left side to balance everything out, would love any suggestions / observations / advice anyone has!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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