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Looking to sell my 29 gallon planted aquarium. This is a complete system, been running for several years, stable and easy to care for. Please pardon the algae in the photos. Haven't cleaned in a while.

29 Gallon Tank (it's been around the block a few times, and has a few scratches, but for general viewing they aren't all that obvious. I didn't scrub the algae before I took photos.)
Black wood aquarium stand, in pretty decent shape
Eheim 2215
Ebo Jager heater
30" dual HOT5 fixture, (although it needs at least one new bulb)
The substrate is black blasting sand, covering a layer of organic potting soil. Any rooted plants you put into this tank will do VERY well.

Severeal clumps of java fern windelov
Bolbitis heudelotii
And a few crypt wendtii, and walkeri. (These were just replanted, so they aren't looking great. Give them a few months)
Theres's also several pounds of mopani burl driftwood, presunk and covered with bits of java moss.

The fish
1 Pair of kribs, lovely, brightly colored pair, I've never seen such a magnificent male. The pictures don't do him justice.
1 Clown Pleco
2 Otos
~20 White clouds of a few generations.

Feed the fish everyday, and do water changes ever week, and you'll be pulling plants out of it by the gallon. The white clouds and the kribs have both been breeding for me, although fry get nommed before they get to far along. I suspect thinning out the white clouds a bit could solve that problem.

Asking $90 OBO.
For $155 I'll throw in a gently used 24" Coralife Satellite Plus LED fixture that does a lovely job lighting up the tank and growing plants.

I'll be more then happy to help you tear it down and load it into your car, but it's pick up only.

Better picture of the male krib
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