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So a little background. I have had a 29 gallon planted low tech tank since about the end of 2008. For the last 2 to 2.5 years it's just been some crypts, anubias, and 2 Amano shrimp. The Amano shrimp have been alive in my tank for about 6 years now. And they were grown when I bought them. So I'm assuming they have a longer lifespan and are tougher than most people think. I say tougher because I have neglected this tank for a few years. I haven't had the filter on or fed them. My 10 gallon went to complete crap after I let floaters block out all the light. Then algae took over. Complete disaster. Well, I decided to revive them and keep a journal. No good camera, just an iphone, but I figure it'll do.

Here are the stats and I'll try to update this tank as things progress.

29 gallon low tech setup
Tank - 29 gallon Marineland
Light - Finnex Planted Plus 24/7
Filter - Aquaclear 50 with sponge over intake
Substrate - Just regular gravel with tons of mulm that has built up over the years.
Flora - Java Fern, Cypres Helferi, Anubias (Frazeri, Hastifolia, Minima, Nana Petite, and Coffeeolia), Dwarf Baby Tears, Micro sword (lilaeopsis maurutius), Dwarf Pennywort (Hydroctyle sibthorpioides), Banana Plant (Nyphoides aquatica), Italian Vals, and Crypt Wendetti Brown
Fuana - 2 Amano shrimp and trumpet snails

I planted it on July 5th and the plants are growing pretty good. So far I haven't dosed any ferts, but plan on doing the non co2 method.

This is a shot of when I first planted it. I'll try to post a picture of the growth so far, later on this weekend. As you'll see in the pic, there is some algae on the glass that the mts are eating on from when I left it neglected.

10 Gallon specs
Tank - Aqueon 10 gallon
Filter - Aqueon
Lighting - Aqueon hood with 2 13 watt cfls
Substrate - Azoo Plant Grower Bed
Flora - Christmas moss, Bolbitis, Dwarf Sag, Downoi, Micro sword, Cyperus Helferi, and Italian Vals.
Fauna - none

I'll definitely be re-scaping and changing out some plants in here most likely.

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Hair algae usually a combo of too much/too long on the light.
The 13W CFL in vertical or two of them in horizontal usually are correct for a 10g tank.
So this indicates too long on the hrs.
I have two very different 10g tanks. The one like this one(most) has one T8 bulb on for
9 hrs and one for 3.75 hrs in the middle of the other one. I say most like because of lower light and lower amount of plants. That lower amount of plants is a factor in the algae. The more growth the less algae usually.
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