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28 Lakeside, Hobbiton

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The previous scape grew into this mess. The tiny platies were bopping their noses trying to get through the guppy grass for dinner. With 9 growing platy fry, 2 growing bristlenose pleco juveniles and a pair of Betta mahachai I had to do some fishing. I'm a terrible fisherperson so another tear down was necessary.

Decided to try a hobbit hole. My all time favorite is The Hobbit's Weed by Konrad Szumilas and here is my version. The path is Walmart Kitty Litter I had on hand for another project as was the Oil Dry used for the wall's stucco. 1/2-1" lava rock makes up the hill and path lining. Substrate is the same ADA Amazonia previously in tank. Wood is old manzanita branches. Black ABS sheet was cut and formed into wall, roof, door and path edging.

Filter is Rio 90 pump behind Poret foam corner mattenfilter from Swiss Tropical. 50 watt heater is back there as well. Thermometer is a cheap eBay thing that is 10 degrees off and may be accidentally dropped soon. Usually it is inside the mattenfilter and out of sight. Tank is a 10 gallon low iron glass Waterbox, lit by a MicMol Aqua Mini currently running at 50% for a 6 hour day. For the sake of my preciouses - the Bettas - I bought a super sleek DD Jumpguard Pro mesh cover.

Had a blast designing and planning every step of this one. Probably my best move was to assemble it on a piece of acrylic for easy moving. Hope to keep the guppy grass contained better this time!

Have not seen the bettas go into the hobbit house. They see me coming and are looking for dinner!




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