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I haven't posted to this forum in years, but an email reminded me that this forum is still alive.

I have recently thinned out my plants in my 55 G acrylic tank and restocked with new fish and it occurred to me that my tank is getting long in the tooth.

Researching the Internet, I started comparing the pros and cons of glass vrs acrylic. Then I was scratching my head trying to remember when I bought my tank. My wife and I verified that it is at least 27 years old, possibly 28.

Wow. No issues with it what so ever except for some slight bowing at the top from something, not sure if heat or other cause, but hardly noticeable.

Anyway, I think folks would like to know that it is holding up quite well considering it survived a move to another state, and my overly helpful kids who scratched the hell out of it trying to clean away algae (scratches long since buffed out).

It sits on top of a wooden DIY aquarium stand next to a pellet stove to help keep it warm in the winter.

So far, so good. No signs of a leak anywhere.

I'd like to know if there is a life span for acrylic tanks if any.

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