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250watt MH on ADA 90cm?

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Anyone ever try a hanging 250 watt metal halide over a 90cm ADA open top tank? I have a 150watt MH over my 90cm right now and Its not enough light for glosso - it keeps getting leggy and growing up instead of out.

I realize the 250watt would be ~ 5 watts per gallon, but the light is also hanging about a foot above the water line, so that probably diminishes the output somewhat. Whatcha think?

FYI it's got pressurized co2, ferts, aquasoil, etc.
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I don't see why it can't be done, as long as you have even spread to the tank edges.

Do you think it would cause temperature problems or do you think it would be suspended too high?
I have tried lowering the 150watt one I've got on there, but then the light spread doesn't reach all the way to the corners. I guess what they say about a 2'x2' spread on metal halide lights is true - and this tank is 3 feet long, so I need to keep it up pretty high.

Here's a photo where you can see how it's suspended:

As of now, I think I'm going to try a 250watt, and move the 150watt to one of my smaller tanks. If it doesn't work out I guess I can sell the 250 to a reefer and put the 150 back on.
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ahhh a real SF house... uneven/slanting/sagging floors.

my 150W MH HQI looks dim on my 90cm as well. Navarro recommended I use a 250 on that tank when he was at my place, im hoping to upgrade somtime soon.
Nice, that's good to hear other people are using a 250watt on that tank as well. I was a little scared it might be too much light, but hopefully it'll work out great :hihi:

ahhh a real SF house... uneven/slanting/sagging floors.
If you set a tennis ball down in front of my aquarium it will start rolling by itself and go all the way out my apartment door!
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