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I'm in planted tank hobby for around 14-15 years and using this forum for a long time, maybe 2005 or something. But with 0 post :|
And this is my first time posting my tank in here and also first time writing a tank journal in english, a language that isn't my first. so apologize in advance for miss spelling and grammar error here and there.

I use this tank for many times than I can remember and too lazy to search for all the old pictures so I'll just start from late 2016 when I was trying to create under gravel filter planted tank just to see what it will do for the plants. I start with UGF plate and 2 bags of pumice stone.

Then I top it off with gravel and planted some plants. This is what it look like.

I was hoping for faster growth rate with additional oxygen in the root zone like in hydroponics system but I discovered later that aquatic plant already has mechanism to send oxygen to their root so they grow at normal rate compared to another type of filter. It was looking good for a year until I had another project in mind. So I torn it down.

FYI: Cryptocorene in UGF tank is a nightmare to work with, Their roots go every where and super hard to remove it without creating a huge mess.


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