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25 gal riparium

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Hi everyone!

I'm going to post my tentative of riparium tank here, i started with fakeplants no light as my tank was a gift, and step by step i started looking into some info on internet and after i saw some masterpiece planted tanks as hydrophyte, crazydaz and johnson18 i decided looking to work on something similar.
Got to state something:
-My english can be really bad at some point, i'm sorry for that, i'm italian :hihi:;
-I got a low budget (cant afford buying riparium planters in example from usa);
-Want waste money on first attempt of an experiment;
-Ripariums and emergent plants are not that popular here, in italy, on italian forums i found only two ripariums;
-All you see here, rocks woods are found in nature;
-A lot of emergent plants are gifts from friends and family.

as you can see i placed some succulent plants on my woods, and they are going really strong, they are not directly watered with a tricky sistem :hihi:, the orchid is a kokedama made for me by a flower artist, a really appreciated gift! and is blooming new flowers :icon_redf:icon_redf:icon_redf.
That spathiphyllum is going strong as well, i bought it for 3 euros at ikea, :icon_surp:icon_surp:icon_surp:icon_surp, and gave me 3 flowers in a row and some new leafs!
Nymphea is going fine as well, no flower yet but is giving me a lot of leafs, and i'm satisfied this way.
i'm not that sure about tilly's life, but i'm giving them a try since i spend around 3 months to buy some of them :(, pretty rare plants here.
going to post some pics of the inside tank asap, nothing special anyway, since my cichlihids loves a lot uproot my plants, the only one they enjoy are some anubias and java fern.
i'm housing 3 snails, 1 pleco,1 cory, the last one (and i must say the untouchable, i bought 3 of them and the other 2 got literally raped), 12 dwarf malawi cichlids, a couple of jewel cichlids and a breeding couple of acara blue (i love them so much).
i hope you enjoy my work!
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this is really interesting :) i love the variety and mix of plants you have. im about to start my own little riparium- i have less space for emergent plants as it is not a proper tank, but like you im doing DIY plant holders (mine are made from toothpaste holders with suction cups) because it would be expensive to ship to here. look forward to seeing some more photos :)
I placed a calla lily today with another plant which i dont know the id, plus i found some easter eggs from my lovely blue acara

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Lookin good man. I like it.

Sent from this here hooskerdoo
calla lily FAILED poorly, after that i re-arranged a bit my plants.
i found a superb maidenhair fern and two nice tillys in a local expo, plus a nonamed plant (green plants mix, slightly vague i think, lol) during a travel, 2 euros for that plant is a really nice price :)


no-id plant

the emersed area with the new fern

spaty's flower

orchid blooming flowers like a boss

bad boys!

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I love your set-up. Great mix of plants, and I like the constant additions and experimentation. Your no-id plant might be a Dracena sanderiana. It's shown in this article about non-aquatic plants that are sold for aquarium use; many of them can't be grown submersed but they do like wet feet. Since you're doing a riparium, the plants they say to avoid might be good ones to try!

21 plants to avoid in the aquarium
thank you so much :)

i'm looking for an agave or two to add on the branches
My pothos got trimmed by a killer window (it was taller than we ever supposed to be), so i replanted the broken part with leaves in a planter (on the right in the picture) pretty nice result i think :flick:

My blue acara is placing eggs like a boss, but no babies yet

last but not least:


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Very lovely tank, I like all the riparium plant variety you have! Hope you get fish babies from those eggs soon^^
AquaAurora, Crazy4discus thank you so much <3! :icon_surp :icon_surp :icon_surp
I'm doing my best to get a nice tank.
I finally found some ficus pumila, is a mixed pot i think, there is some white sunny and some stems with green leaves, now i need to find another wood
but the damn weather is rainy from easter no-stop :confused1:.
we've the London's weather in the southern Italy recently :hihi:.
rellis raft made in mirv with some ficus pumila white sunny and two peperomia stems

blue acara boys are finally born!

i found a peperomia lilian and im testing it in a nano tank

work in progress

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today i found a cheap orchid, and i decided to get it for the other Branch i have

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i found some salvinia natans for a cheap price, and here we are :red_mouth

i changed maidenhair fern (was going bad) with peperomia lilian

best leaf ever

two orchids are better than one!

full tank shot

i want to put a third wood to complete the layout between the two orchids' woods, with some tillys going on it probably.
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i removed peperomia lilian because it was failing a bit :(

i found a nice peperomia variety, dunno the name tbh, but filled nicely that empty spot, hoping in a nice result, i enjoy so much that leafs

i found another tilly plus a tilly usneoides
i also placed some hydrocotyle sp. japan on my wood hoping in a future emersed growth

agave stricta var. nana on the floor :D

ficus pumila white sunny plus pilea on my trellis raft

full forest shot

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thanks guys, i'm really happy of your positive comments :D
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