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After years and years, I've finally took the jump into dart frogs! I plan on getting D. leucomelas next month. Attaching the bromeliads was hard! I can't wait to see how this turns out. I have cultures of D. melanogaster and D. hydei for my ghost mantids.

This is a bioactive vivarium with springtails and dwarf white isopods.

Plant list:
Columnea gloriosa 'Golfish Plant' originally put it to fill space/flowers, unsure now if it will stay
Alagaonema 'Siam Aurora'
Calathea lancivolia 'Rattlesnake Plant'
Spathiphyllum 'petite'
Syngonium podophyllum 'Creamsicle'
Peperomia caperata 'Green'
Pellionia pulchra 'Watermelon'
Ficus pumila variegata 'creeping fig'
Pilea depressa 'Tiny Tears'
Nephrolepsis exaltata 'Emerald Vase Fern'
Nephrolepsis cordifolia 'Lemon Button Fern'
Davallia thrichomanoides 'Black Rabbit's Foot Fern'
Episcia 'Silver Skies'
Monocostus uniflorus 'Lemon Ginger'
Macodes petola 'Jewel Orchid'
Marcgravia sintenisii 'Rainbow Marcgravia'
Marcgravia rectiflora
5 Neoregelia broms

Test plants:
Christmass moss
Local moss

False bottom, substrate in![email protected]/

Plants unboxed:[email protected]/

Initial planting:[email protected]/

I wasn't too happy with some of the plant, so I moved a few. I also added anubias and subwassertang from my aquarium. I plan on having a large leaf on the floor as a feeding station.

Veiw of some of the left background plants:[email protected]/

View from the right:[email protected]/

My little slice of the rainforest![email protected]/

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I decided to try a moss mat for a feeding station. There are a couple of moss types in there, collected from my yard. My biggest concern is that a local moss won't live year-round in a vivarium. Time will tell.[email protected]/

I took some Christmas moss from an aquarium and made a plug of sphagnum to attach to the background for some color until the vines fill in. Once again, a test to see how it turns out. I'm waiting to hear back form a glass shop about a lid. In the meantime, I'm using window plastic under the screen lid.[email protected]/
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