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24Nanocube & 20long, WHOOP WHOOP!

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Hey guys, I've been lerking this forum for all of my planting endeavors and i want to first off say thanks for all the information and porn shots of awesome as hell tanks. Im 21 and owned a 40BR cichlid tank in highschool, whereas now Im a senior in college taking my crack at planted tanks.

My nanocube 24g in my room.
-DIY Paintball co2
-Stock lights (cant think about all of that)
-San jose tap + prime
Seiryu Rocks

+Im about to start ferts this week :)

2 Cherry shrimp, 6 amanos, 6 neon tetras, 4 corys, 3 random guppies
Dont know the name of any of the plants. hahaha tried HC in the beginning but it was a huge failure.

The beginning

How she now sits
-Been looking for a nice foreground to cover all that empty space :\

Forgot about the siphon during a WC, haha Would make a great paludarium!?!? But how will the filter in the back work :\

PS: thats the extra driftwood with moss on it waiting for...

20 Long
Coralife 2x 36w on sunburst timers
DIY paintball Co2
Sponge filter
Aquaclear 50
RO water and Bee Shrimp Mineral Gh+

-Gonna stock with SSS grade CRS

Emersing HC

How come my moss on the branch is tan? i tried emersing it but i think it started to dry out. The other parts i wrapped later.

anyways, those are my tanks :) will keep a couple posts to update and update.

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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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