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Hi guys,

My first post here - just started a new tank and thought I'd share progress up 'til now.

Substrate is approx 2cm JBL aquaflora mixed with some Dennerle Deponitmix (recommended) I had left over from the shrimp tank, followed by some Dennerle 'black' gravel.

Rocks used were bought from the local garden centre (emerald jade or something?), along with the wood. A good tip for anybody from the UK - I got all 3 pieces and the wood for 2 quid each, less than a 3rd of the price of the Aquatic centre next door.

Powered by a small 300lph internal filter with Venturi (including live media from another tank) and 25w heater at 24 deg.

Currently stocked with 3 Rummynose Tetra, 3 Glowlight Tetra and 2 (out of an original 3) Lampeye. All have started feeding now although they were a bit slow to start with.

Planted with offcuts from my other two tanks, including some Javamoss and Dwarf Hair grass.


Dry tank, 'scape all set out after days of deliberation:

Planted and half filled:

All the way filled!

Fish added after cycling:

Close up:

The Rummynose after recovering from travel, they're even brighter now:

Latest shot of the tank:

All 3 in succession:

Well, hopefully that's interested someone!

Feedback and thoughts welcome :)
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