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24g Aquapod planted

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Well I have never had a planted tank so I thought why not try it out! I am using a 24g Aquapod because I think they make great all in one show type tanks. The aquapod has the stock lighting which comes as two 32 watt Sunpaq bulbs, one dual 6,700 and 10,000 daylight and one 420nm and 460nm dual actinic. It also has two blue led's which are on at night. I took out the actinic bulb so now I have two of the daylight bulbs. I upgraded the pump and am just using the sponge filter in the back with some ceramic biorings from another tank to help seed the filter. I took out the single stock fan and replaced it with a quieter more efficient model and also added a second of the same model into the hood as well. There is no heater, the pump and lights heat the tank. There is about 40 pounds of Eco-Complete substrate, making it at least 3-4" deep. I have two pieces of driftwood and a rock along with a different assortment of plants. Let me know what you guys think and any tips or ideas would be appreciated. Oh yeah, I will have pressurized co2 running in a couple of weeks. I had some Riccia left over from placing it on the rocks so for now its in a small net and floating on top in a lid until I decide what to do with it.

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Looks beautiful. I am thinking, well probaly will be getting the 24 aquapod with the same substrate soon.

What fan did you replace it with?

Why did you upgrade the pump and what did you upgrade it with?
Thanks for the positive comments. The pump is a Maxi Jet 1200. I found the fans on a website called They are titled "SilenX 60x60x25mm - 8dBA - 10CFM iXtrema Pro Fan". Here is a link to where I found them:
I wired them directly to this controller:

I found that works the best so you can control the speed of the fans and you can plug it into a timer so it goes on and off depending on when you need the cooling the most. Let me know if you have any other questions. I have been very happy so far, and I have a 24g Aquapod setup as a salt water tank. They are very clean looking and so far have caused no problems.
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