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24" long shoot on Radican Sword (Marbled Queen)

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Does anyone own a Radican Sword (Marbled Queen)? Mine has recently grown a 24" long shoot. After researching on the internet I've come to the conclusion that I should "weight it down" and a new plant may grow. The info I found was very vague so I was wondering if anyone has actually experienced this and could offer some detailed instructions.
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Normal of Echinodorus marble queen to send out a long shoot upwards, which in no time you will see some nodes on which a kind of plantlet will appear. Wait until it develop completely with roots dangling and you can separate from the main shoot as a new plant.
I do have one. It grows similarly to other swords.
As medicineman said, the plantlets will develop on the flower stalk at the whorls (nodes), normally after/while the flowers have blossomed there. The plantlets will develop roots only if at least their crown (the part where they attach to the stalk, where the leaves and roots radiate from) is in the water. That's why many people submerse the whole stalk by 'weighing it down' (in any way you want to). The plantlets will develop emersed as well but they won't put out roots till in touch with water (or soil!).

So, if you want to see the plant flower, let the stalk grow out of the tank. If you don't want that, you can weigh it down, say, by tying a thread on it and tying the thread to a stone, root, etc. I prefer this, because the plantlets will get more light nearer to the surface. You can also simply put a stone on the stalk between the whorls.

Another thread with this topic.
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WOW... thanks guys. Once again my questions have been answered. I actually have 2 little baby plantlets growing off the stalk now. One on the end and one in the middle. They have tiny little marbled leaves and some roots! Thanks again.
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