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23L Iwagumi Journal - Lots of Pics

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This is my first attempt and an Iwagumi style rock layout. After browsing through many forums and seeing many scapes done by Takashi Amano with rocks, I just couldnt resist starting a new project!

Aqua one Horizon 40cm x 23cm x 25cm

Tom Rapid's Nano Canister filter

2x 24w 7800k Power Compact Fluorescent

Pressurised via wooden airstone diffuser, 2bps

ADA Africana Aquasoil, powder form


The beginning:

First started with the hardscape. Added 3L of ADA soil first, creating a slope and laying out red rock to form a neat Iwagumi design. I intend to plant just HC and hairgrass, to create a green hilly effect.

Then layout the tools, plants and anything else you might need.

Here is a piece of emerged HC I have been leaving in an established tank to float for a week. During this time, I have noticed good submerse transition and stem growth of 1-1.5cms.

Next step was to break the HC in little portions so you can work on them easier.

Before planting, use a mist spray to wet the soil. This makes planting much much easier.

Using a pair of long tweezers, I pinched 4-5 stems of HC approx 2.5-3cm long.

I planted them approximately 2cm apart in little patches.

2 hours later and almost losing my sanity, finally finished planting HC. If I could rate the difficulty, i'd rate it 8/10! They are really really small!

I then planted the hairgrass.

Planting done.

I added water slowly carefully, trying not to disturb the soft aquasoil.

My back is killing me now, time for rest. More updates to come soon.
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Dude i like it

I want to see the end monthly REsults,
High Grass Land, Lower Bush land
Wow really nice, now I know the proper way to plant hc and such. Hope it holds in my tank :(
I love it! more pics please :D
My back is killing me now, time for rest. More updates to come soon.
lol i know how you feel, been there... great job.
It looks like a nice start :)
Sorry, a little bit off topic, but is that Blyxa japonica you're using in your left tank?
Sorry, a little bit off topic, but is that Blyxa japonica you're using in your left tank?
Thanks for the comments everyone.
Yes that's Blyxa for you :)
really nice looking tanks. you should come over and plant my HC.. ;) :)
Very nice setup resilience, and your HC is very healthy and lush ! Those reddish rocks are beautiful.

I'm setting up a similar tank, in fact is almost same size (40*25*25 = 25 lts),

Awesome job. Can't believe the water is that crystal clear initially with Aquasoil!'

and I see you were going for Amano's sharp rock Iwagumis. Not too popular amongst aquascapers but I like it!

Can you post a thread on the tank next to it?
Looks very nice, especially with that Africana, not too popular over the amazonia.
Did you use powder type the whole way, or just over the top of normal type?

Nice little nano next to it too.
Next step is some lillies, that intake strainer is fairly distracting.
Nice tank! I think we are all waiting for it to fill out, and to see what fish you put in it. Did you put something in the soil to prevent the hairgrass from taking over your whole tank when it sends runners?
This is kind of off topic: volatile, in my 2.5G, I have hairgrass and HC too. When I setup the aquarium, I cut out thin polycarbonate (<0.8mm) that I got from cutting out R/C car bodies. Since they are flexible, I bent it to the shape I want and push it into the Aquasoil. The height is just high enough so you can't see it. Even if they are above the Aquasoil, they are crystal clear, so you won't notice it.
Its been one month....I demand updated pics!!!!

"Its been one month....I demand updated pics!!!!


I concur!
1 - 20 of 28 Posts
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