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Hi there, I have a lot of extras in many of my tanks, and need to clean them out and make room for new things! I am fairly new to PT (Long time lurker I learned almost everything I know here), but tankyouverymuch and I are friends and he can tell you all that I am a stand-up guy. After this thread I should have some P-Trader feedback to say the same as well :). If this goes well, expect a much larger list in the future. Pics going up later.

Local pickup in Indianapolis is fine, and to give something back to this wonderful forum, if you can make it here I will give you up to $40 in aquatic stuff for free, no purchase required.

I welcome all trades (Hopefully that is allowed). There is a list of things I am looking for at the bottom of the post.

IMPORTANT: I am really busy and don't have too much time to answer PM's, so here is what to do. If you have any questions feel free to ask and I will answer, I just didn't want a big mess with orders getting mixed up and this will prevent that.

1. Send all payments to
AllAmericanRetail7(at) - Send as a purchase, not a gift.

2. IMPORTANT! In the notes on the payment, list the item numbers you want. Also list your PT screen name! Item numbers are listed next to each "pack". Also important, I will ONLY ship to the shipping address you select when you make the payment, period. Please double check the address before you send $.

3. I will get an email letting me know I got the payment, then ship the package via Priority Mail in an insulated box. A real box, not a Small Flat Rate. I use 7x7x7 for small orders, and flat rates for large orders. It can take up to a week for me to ship, but usually 2 or 3 days.

4. 100% Live Arrival Guarantee! Standard picture of the unopened bag, and I will make it right and then some. Standard rules apply; you have to receive it on the first delivery attempt. If there is a delay that is the fault f the USPS, I still cover it as long as it does not get delivered to the wrong address.

5. Add $12 for shipping on first item, and $1 per pack after that. Heat pack included for free if needed.

6. I am quite generous with extras. Also, if you make an order over $100 before shipping, you can add up to $20 more in packages for free! If you order over $200, you can add $50 more for free.

Here is what I have to offer:

Sakura Red: Some of these are actually PFR grade. 75% or so are solid red, and many have red legs as well. These are offspring from high grade PFR, so they have great genetic potential and will produce good quality offspring. Tank bred by myself. As you can see from the pic, even the males usually look pretty nice.
5 Sakura Red Shrimp (Sub-adults to adults) $15 - SR5
10 Sakura Red (Sub-adults to adults) $25
- SR10
20 Sakura Red (Sub-adults to adults) $40
- SR20

Indian Tiger Shrimp: I am honestly not sure what species this is. They are small (1/2" or so) and look a lot like Blue Bee Shrimp, but with tiger shrimp patterns. They came from India, if you didn't guess. I am not sure if they are juveniles or a naturally small shrimp. They have been pretty rapid breeders in 7.5ph, 76f, 180TDS.
5 Indian Tiger Shrimp $15 - IT5
10 Indian Tiger Shrimp $25 - IT10
20 Indian Tiger Shrimp $40
- IT20

Amano Shrimp/Yamato Shrimp: These are widely known as the best algae eating shrimp. They do not breed in freshwater, unfortunately. I used these to deal with a hair algae problem, and they did a great job. I keep a couple in EVERY tank in my house (150+) to prevent hair algae outbreaks.
5 Amano Shrimp $15 - AMANO5
10 Amano Shrimp $25 - AMANO10
25 Amano Shrimp $42 - AMANO25

Babaulti Shrimp: These are the shrimp that can turn emerald green/aquamarine blue. The color ranges from Sunkist orange to blue/green. These are breeding age adults, and seem to carry a LOT of eggs at a time. Some F2 tank bred, some imported. They seem to be rapid breeders.
5 Babaulti Shrimp $18 - BG5
10 Babaulti Shrimp $27
- BG10
20 Babaulti Shrimp $45 - BG20

Bee Shrimp: We all know what Bee Shrimp are! These look ike CBS, but the black is actually more of a navy blue. All have pretty distinct markings, and some of them could be confused with CBS. Tank bred by myself, pretty fast breeders. Way faster than CRS/CBS.
5 Standard Bee Shrimp (Sub-adults to adults) $15 - BEE5
10 Standard Bee Shrimp (Sub-adults to adults) $22 - BEE10
20 Standard Bee Shrimp (Sub-adults to adults) $35 - BEE20

Thiara Winteri SNails (Prambanan Snails):
These look a lot like a very large MTS. However, they breed MUCH slower and grow about 2x as large. These are very cool, and seem to do great with plants. Halfway between a MTS and a Giant Sulawesi Snail in size.
5 Winteri Snails 1-2" $15 - TWS5

Electric Blue Crayfish:
These are P. Clarkii. They come from fantastic stock and have a very intense blue coloration, not a blue/gray coloration as the imported ones usually do. These show a nice blue color from the moment they are born! Tank bred by myself.
1 Electric Blue Crayfish Juvenile 1" $10 - EBCJ
1 Electric Blue Crayfish Young Adult 2-3" $17

Electric White Crayfish: Same as above, but totally white. These come from good stock as well, and 100% of offspring are totally white. Tank bred by myself. Limited quantities available, these are slower breeders than the blue variant.
1 Electric White Crayfish 2"+ $19 - EWC1

Electric Pink Crayfish: Another Clarkii, but this one is pink. Resulted from crossing and backcrossing blue and white clarkii when the blue clarkii showed lots of pink. The blue was bred out and the pink remained. Pretty stable.
1 Electric Pink Crayfish 2"+ $19 - EPC1

Marmorkrebs: Not much to say here. These come from good stock and the parent is a nice aquamarine color, halfway between blue and green. She has been that way for months, so it is either her diet (Shrimp Pellets/Algae Wafers) or she is genetically that way. Tank bred by myself.
1 Self Cloning Marmorkreb Crayfish Juvenile 1"-2" $8 - SCC1

Assassin Snails: These probably need no introduction. Very nice shell coloration and these are adult size, ready to start munching snails. Mine also eat shrimp pellets very well. Some tank bred by myself, some imported. Tank bred juveniles will not be counted toward your count.
5 Assassin Snails (Adults) $13 - AS5
10 Assassin Snails (Adults) $20 - AS10
25 Assassin Snails (Adults) $38 - AS25

Bamboo Shrimp: These are the 3-4" filter feeders you often see in pet stores for $8+.
1 Bamboo Shrimp/Flower Shrimp (Can get the red hue) $7 - SFS1
3 Bamboo Shrimp/Flower Shrimp (Can get the red hue) $17 - SFS3

Nerite Snails: These do not reproduce in freshwater, and they are voracious algae eaters. As far as algae eating prowess, the Tiger Eye Nerites are the best, followed by the Leopard Nerites. The Zebra Thorn Nerites are very cool, but smaller so they have less of an appetite. For aesthetics, the Leopard Nerites win for me. They are the largest of the 3, growing to over 1", and have beautiful and unique patterns that are different on every shell.
10 Zebra Thorn Nerite Snails (Pea Sized) $17 - ZTN10
10 Leopard Nerite Snails (1" or so) $19 - SGN10
10 Tiger Nerite Snails (Pea sized to 3/4") $15 - TNS10

Ramshorn Snails: Watch out, these are very fast breeders. You will be sent pea sized plus snails, but most/many will be dime sized or so. Some will be old enough to breed right away. These snails ALL have extremely bright red/pink bodies.
10 Red Ramshorn Snails (ONLY bright red bodied snails) $18 - RRS10

Giant Sulawesi Snails: These are called rabbit snails, poso snails, king snails, and probably 7 or 8 other names. They are wild caught, although I am establishing breeding colonies of all of the varieties and already have a lot of offspring. Currently the only tank raised juveniles available are from the Towuti White Spotted/Yellow Antenna tank. They are 1/2" to 3/4 long and have pristine shells. They are acclimated from birth to 7.5ph and 75f and are very active, much more active than the wild caught adults.
3 Giant Sulawesi Snails 3"+ (White Spotted/Yellow Antenna) $17 - GSS3
6 Giant Sulawesi Snails 3"+ (White Spotted/Yellow Antenna) $29 - GSS6
3 Giant Sulawesi Snails 3"+ (Orange) $20 - GRS3
6 Giant Sulawesi Snails 3"+ (Orange) $36 - GRS6

3 Tank Raised/Acclimated Giant Sulawesi Snails 1/2" to 3/4" $20 - TRGSS3
6 Tank Raised/Acclimated Giant Sulawesi Snails 1/2" to 3/4" $38

Mystery Snails: These are 1/2" or larger, some around 1". These are NOT Apple Snails. The Black/Brown variety seems significantly more active than the others for some reason.
5 Ivory $17 - IMS5
5 Blue $17 -BMS5
5 Black/Brown $15 - PMS5
5 Golden $15 - GMS5

Reticulated Hillstream Loach: These are not inverts, but I figured I'd put them in here. They are totally shrimp-safe from what I have seen. I put 40 of them in a 55 gallon tank with a minimal amount of yellow shrimp fry, and have seen no losses. Their mouths don't even look like they could eat shrimp fry. They like water 65-75f, medium to strong current, and need to have algae/wood to graze on. They are pretty hard to get taking flakes or zucchini, but I am starting to get there with the ones I am keeping. Maybe a really cool Otocinclus alternative for shrimp tanks.
Group of 3 Reticulated Hillstream Loach 2" $20 - RHL3

Things I'd be interested in trading for:
(Mods, let me know if not allowed and feel free to edit out)

Snowball Shrimp
High Grade Yellow Shrimp
Super Tiger Shrimp
Malawa Shrimp
Malaya Shrimp
Sulawesi Cardinal Shrimp
Orange Eye Blue Tiger Shrimp
Crystal Red/Crystal Black Shrimp SS-SSS
Dwarf Blue Crayfish (Especially interested in these)
Dwarf Orange Crayfish (CPO)
Blue Ramshorn Snails
Orange Rabbit/Poso Snails
Rare Crayfish (Especially Ghost Clarkii)
Large amounts of Java Moss or Xmas Moss
Canister Filters
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