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2217 ehiem clasic,, feedback annyone ?

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Finally my tank together and the floor was dry this morning!!!! :bounce: 135 gal ,wood canopy with 2x96 & 2x55 ah lights, Flourite, substrate heating cables,,, (witch I think are going to a real pain down the road,) and for filtering a xp3 and a 2028.

Thinking about getting a 2217 Big Al's has them on sale

Free shipping also.:thumbsup:

Just a wondering about the sound level of the 2217 clasic
compared to the 2028 pro2 witch is pretty much silent or the XP3.

:D Hopefully plants get ordered this week!!!!:D
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I have a 2217 and love it.
Powerful and quiet, its a great filter.
I barely hear mine from about 5 feet away under a cabinet, so they are very quiet. They have a pretty good flow rate too so it cleans my 55 very well. The sound it probably closely compared to the 2028 since it's the same company and they are probably using near similar parts.
The 2217 ROCKS! Best filter I've ever owned and I dare say it is the best aquarium filter ever made. Rock solid, quiet, dependable and best of all it's an Eheim!

You'll probably need more than one for a 135Gal tank.
Four :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
Sounds like I have to get one, new toy time:icon_mrgr

Thanks much
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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