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2215 Eheim Sub filter, my mistake

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I was at Petbox today and I saw a Eheim canister for sale... 3000yen bout almost $40 but made the mistake of not realizing it was a sub filter. Japanese is so hard to read! I tried looking at eheim's english site but they don't sell pre/sub filters. SO I was wondering why I would use this as an add on it looks like to another filter?

here is a brochure

I might end up buying an external pump to use this bad boy...
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I've not run across Eheim called sub filters. That would look like a standard "Classic" line but without cutoffs or media.Did it come with the normally included media and cutoffs? There are people who take the standard group apart and sell them sperately to unsuspecting customers. Priced in that way, the total can be very expensive.

This link will get you the standard manual in English:

I guess I would have to question why you would buy a filter without being able to read the ad??
Wow I want one of those, I just bought 2 "subfilters", wish I knew that Eheim had one >.<
That's trippy, do they sell these in the states?
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