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I just picked up a 220g acrylic tank (72"x24"x30") with duel corner overflows. I plan for this tank to be a planted show tank. I will be making a DIY stand.

One of my main concerns on this project is figuring out the plumbing. I will be using a sump and was considering the aqueon proflex model 3 or model 4 (link below). Any suggestions on the size of the intake and outtake pipes? I was considering doing two 1.5" outtakes in each corner where the overflows are and a 1" return in the middle of the tank (its already drilled). I want this setup to be as quiet as possible any recommendations for how to setup the stand pipes?

I haven't decided if I should go external or submersible pump? Thoughts? how many gph?

Was thinking ATI 60" fixture 8x80w


Mag Drive 24 or Reeflo Dart


ADA Aquasoil

Pressurized Co2
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