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Hi everyone!

I am tearing down my 220-gallon planted tank and have the following for sale (photos of the actual items for sale - what you see is what you get):

Two unique pieces of large waterlogged driftwood / stumps

The one on the left is approximately 18"x22"x19" ($40)
The one on the right is approximately 17"x24"x13" ($35)

220-gallon glass tank (72"x24"x30") for local pick up in Arlington, VA (22204) - SOLD

Cryptocoryne hudoroi, a large mother plant - SOLD

Cryptocoryne beckettii, (x5) large mother plants - SOLD

Cryptocoryne ciliata, an extra large plant - SOLD

Alternathera reineckii - large rooted stems - SOLD

Alternanthera reineckii 'Mini' - (x10 rooted stems) - SOLD

Hydrototyle tripartita - SOLD

Limnophila aromatica - (x7 long rooted stems) - SOLD

Limnophila sp Wavy - (x7 long rooted stems) - SOLD

Lobelia cardinalis - (x10 rooted stems) - SOLD

Nymphea zenkeri (Red Tiger Lotus) - (x2) sprouted bulbs as pictured - SOLD

Rotala macrandra - (x7 rooted stems) - SOLD

Rotala rotundifolia - (x10 rooted stems) - SOLD

Shipping is $7 for a regular cube-shape priority mail box and $12 for medium flat rate. If the item you select fits in a small flat rate box, then shipping is $5.80. PM for details.

I'd prefer local pick-up for the driftwood, but if you pay the actual shipping, I can calculate it for you.

Snail-free tank.
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