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22 Long Iwagumi - "Dedication"

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This is my first venture in to Hi-Tech tanks. I love the balance of art and technology that this Iwagumi layout represents. I'm eager to learn so please share any critiques or comments. Thanks for looking.

Tank: Mr. Aqua 22 Long

Light: Finnex Planted + 24/7

Filter: Eheim 2215 with Jardli lily pipes

CO2: CO2 Art Advance Professional with U.P. Aqua Inline Co2 Atomizer System running on a 20oz paintball tank

Substrate: ADA Amazonia

Heater: Inline Hydor 200w

Flaura: Micranthemum "Monte Carlo", Alternanthera reineckii "Mini"

Fauna (proposed):10 Cardinal Tetras, 5 Rummy Nose Tetras, 5 Otos, 5 Amano

Day Dry Start
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