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210 gallon - back to planted

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I had a planted tank, and then went to more monster fish and plants were removed, etc. After playing around with that for a while, I decided I missed my planted tank and going back. After removing the fish, the tank was a little neglected, so now I start with the clean-up and rebuild.

Here is a pic of the hardscape so far. Yes, I know it's dirty, but that will change.

Anyone have any stocking ideas? I will be going with at least one schooling fish (small) and want to know hoe many would look good, but not crowded. Some shrimp, snails, etc are also in the plans. Any stocking ideas/help would be appreciated. Thx

edit: Also thinking of Boesemani Rainbows....bigger, but very attractive. I had them before, but never had small shrimp with them. Will they go after them?

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Yep, pretty sure the rainbows will go after dwarf shrimp. Amanos may be large enough to stay safe.

What about some Boesemani rainbows, some dwarf cichlids, and a big school of tetras? That would be a really colorful tank.
What about some Boesemani rainbows, some dwarf cichlids, and a big school of tetras? That would be a really colorful tank.
How many Boesemani and how many of what tetras are you thinking?

My own next big tank I want about a dozen Boesemani, 15-20 Congo tetras, and a bunch of loaches.

You could go with any tetra, though- what's your favorite? Cardinals, Lemons, Rummies, Congos, Diamonds, Serpae, Emperor... you've got room for a school of 100+ if you wanted, depending on which you choose.
Which tetras are the tightest schoolers?
I hear rummy nose tetras are good schoolers.
Yeah, a big school of Rummies would be fantastic in this size tank IMO, and they're definitely one of the "tightest" schoolers, especially if you also have some larger fish in the tank like angels or some of the SA cichlids.
Well, it's filled and the X5 has been cleaned and up and running. Hopefully will have time today (home alone with 7 month old and ankle injury, so doing things take a while) to clean the Eheim 2180 out. Planted just a couple sag plants in the rear and mid, a val, and I believe crypt, which I broke into 3. Got them free, so I will have to go out and actually get some more plants. Headed up to a couple LFS's to check out what fish the wife and I are going to get. One store has already told me I could get a break on the schooling fish and they will just order me what I want. Now to think about the other fish and inhabitants.
that will be an awesome planted tank im thinking of going back fully planted with my 120g long after going with ca cichlids

ive always found that black neons are just as good a schooling fish as rummy nose and look really good to

if that was my tank i would go with

5 discus
gb rams
rummy nose or black neons if its good schooling you want
or cardinals as they look great
and amano shrimp as they are great cleaners
and maybe a school of cory's


regardless i bet it looks great when done
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Just a suggestion: join the local aquarium club, which may be the SFBAAPS, and you can probably get enough free plants to fill that tank. Also, those plants will be from other members tanks, so they should be healthy, with no stress from long shipping times. And, it is hard to beat the price.

Or, use the Swap n Shop forum here to buy a package of plants - usually dirt cheap.
Amano shrimp are 100% safe with rainbows. Anything smaller is dinner time. I've had both and my bosemani rainbows ate all the cherries.

Rummies are definetly the tightest schoolers. I have 7 juvenile rainbows and 1 large adult along with about 10 rummies, 10 cardinals, 10 harlequin rasboras, and 6 lemons in a 75g. The cardinals disappear into the plants. The rummies and rasboras will school. With a 210g, you can triple the size of each of these groups for a really nice looking tank.
I am worried about the small fish "hiding" all the time. Not sure what I am going to do. Hopefully this weekend I will see something that really catches my eye. The Cherry size shrimp are beatuiful, but dang are they expensive. I have had the red claw macro before and might do with that again. Also looking into the mexican dwarf orange crayfish. What threat do they pose? - snails? shrimp? etc?
My cardinals do hide all the time. The rasboras never hide and the rummies used to school around a lot more when I had 20 of them.

Crayfish will hunt and eat smaller fish at night.
Got some free java moss. Finally headed to the LFSs tomorrow. One thing after another around here lately.
colombian tetras are my favorite tetra. I have 15 in a 75 gallon, and they aren't shy at all.
Got a couple nice jungle vals....and I mean nice. The will look great as they start to spread. Picked up 3 skunk botias to start off with too. Nice little guys, maybe an inch.

Now of course, fish selection might have changed again. I have never been a fan of Harlequin Rasboras, but saw a school of them today in a tank and was pleasantly suprised. Nice tight school and active. Damn it, not another choice. I will probably end up with a school of at least 25 of them. So now it's back to the drawing board with the rest of the inhabitants.

Here is an updated pic.

EDIT: Kinda hard to see, but there are other plants in there. Angle and lighting not working on my side.
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Doh!!!! I have been looking at a bunch of fish profiles online and I thought I remembered the correct info. Just looked it up, nope. Now I have to try and catch them tonight SOB!!!!!
Alright!!!!! Those skunks are out, and the tank is now a little different now cause I couldn't get everything back together the way it was before.

On another positive note, nabbed 6 roseline sharks or whatever they are called. Petsmart had them for $6.99 each. Yup, that's right. Limited time only. The plan is to get 6 more when they get more in.

An tomorrow, get to pick up 30 Harlequin Rasboras.

Guess all these changes will require a new FTS tomorrow.
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