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21 in 55 wat CF

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Hey, I was wondering if anyone knew where I could get 2 of these. I checked Kahal petland, but they were $32 each! If I got them shipped with my ahsupply unit, it would've been a lot cheaper xD I didn't order them cause when I called them 2 weeks ago, they said they were $23, not $32.
And they're the straight pin base ones.
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Yeah, i saw that site too, but I sorta want it fast for my tank, but I guess I could wait a couple of days. 2 bulbs for the price of on!
Alright, I give in. Gonna order 2 of them from the site.
Thanks for the help!
Ah, horrible reviews,

Checked out ebay, and they have a bunch of cheap, but shipping to Hawaii is a bit more expensive.
Will either one of these bulbs work? Might buy the 4x one for future use or new unit.
aside from lfs, which would probably be expensive, the Light Bulb Source store on Ward might carry those bulbs, dunno what the prices are though.
yeah, my mom suggested there, so I might just stop by there this weekend.
I just went there, and they only had a 40 watt 4 pin base one. I guess I'll have to find one online or something
Try checking out Kalihi Pet Center. I know that they have 55W CF but not sure the exact length. Cost is I think $20.
Alright, thanks. I'll give them a call tomorrow. I wouldn't mind getting it for $20 since on ebay, it was $13 each bulb + $13 shipping for both. Added up to a little above $40 once I included the cents, so I'll see.
Look here:

Current Dual Daylight CF bulb

If your order is above $49.00 total, shipping is free and you're almost there with 2 bulbs. Plus this is a much better bulb then the AH 55 watt.

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Well, I don't think my ballast will work with 65 watts. It'll only output 55 watts. And I visisted kalihi pet center and they had 2 of them left, 55 watt 1000k, so I bought those. I don't know if 10000k is good for plants though.
Yeah, some people prefer the 10,000k over the lowers since it gives more of a clean light rather than yellow.

And oh, also, they had a bunch of nice plants. Man, I wish I could've bought more, but I think I'm gonna be over stocking my 55 >_>
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