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I am picking up a 20L and going to start planning out a Taiwan Bee tank. I haven't had the joy of owning these guys yet. I currently have a variety of neo, crystal reds, Sulawesi Cardinals, so I figured I would get into these guys next.

I have just been waiting on this sale! Things I have so far.

-RO Unit
-Salty Shrimp
-UGF & Sponges


Scape ideas!
I am thinking about putting one of the small trees with fissiden in it. My tree comes tomorrow so excited!

Fissiden font.
Flame moss
Java fern or two

Food for them, dishes, decide on a hob or cannister. Lights.

I also need to,decide on what I want to keep. I am very fond of the blue bolts, and the different black ones. Still,have a ton of research to do and months of cycling. Just wanted to get all my ideas down. If anyone has any advice let me know please! Always helps😀

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