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20L Learning the art of the planted tank

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I am starting up a new planted tank after long break from any real fish tanks. This is a learning experience for me so I appreciate all feedback.
20 gal Long
Fluval 206 canister filter

So here is the new tank, standard 20L and stand from Petco.
Cabinetry Waste containment Home appliance Wood Waste container

I put 20lbs of Eco complete in there just to get things going. Just added water so its a bit cloudy.
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The aquascaping is still in the planing stage so I just have the tank cycling at the moment. I have some goodies coming in the mail so there should be some more exciting pictures coming soon.
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Wow. That setup is nice. I'm crazy about the stand. It's really sleek.

Can't wait to see what you do with it!
I love 20ls, what are you stocking? I can't wait to see how you scape mine is not very pretty.

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For now I am going with
*Hemianthus callitrichoides
*Eleocharis acicularis
*Bacopa monnieri
*Myriophyllum pinnatum
*Ludwigia glandulosa
What are your lights, and plan on using any co2?
I am using the Marineland Aquatic Plant LED light fixture.
I have a 5lb C02 tank running into a CO2 Reactor 500. Its hiding behind the plants on the right.
Wait, is that the LED fixture that just came out a month or so ago? I don't know much about it in terms of ability to put out light. You planing on dosing ferts eventually?
Yes its new model. Here is some data

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I am planning on fertilizing once I figure out exactly what I need. I treat my ro/di water with equilibrium at the moment while I research for a good dosing regiment.
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I think EI might be the best bet, but if not, continue looking.
I have been doing some research on the EI method and decided to go with the Micros & Macros dry fert pack from greenleafaquariums. I should get it in early next week so I can start experimenting. :icon_bigg
I am going to take it slow since I dont have much plant mass yet. Thank you for the suggestion.
I did a little rearranging again... I am starting EI ferts tomorrow!

Water Plant Plant community Pet supply Organism

The moneywort (bacopa monnieri) is already doing well above the water. :biggrin: Hopefully it will cover my return pipe soon.

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That looks really nice.
I really like it. The tank stand is really striking. I love the arrangement, too!
So I have been dosing for the past week and have some good growth along with some algae forming on the driftwood and the ludwigia peruensis. :icon_cry:

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Some stems have been reacting well and developing a nice red color while others are getting a little hairy

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Same situation on the driftwood.

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Looks good! Getting algae sucks but it just teaches you to change something that will balance your tank better. I'm quite jealous of your setup :)

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30ppm CO2 "per drop checker" comes on an hour before lights and turns off with them
75 F
8.5 hours with the lights 24" above substrate
1/8tsp KNO3
1/32tsp KH2PO4
1/32tsp K2SO4
3x week

1/32 plantex on in between days

50% water change

I am looking forward to a nice three day weekend so I can research this a little more ;)
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