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Hi all,

Wanted to share my 20H tank that I've been planning for ages. I'm about 1 month in for a DSM for a DHG carpet. I'll start with some pics:

Top view:

Sorry my phone's camera is awful- the DHG is a very healthy green and is starting to fill in nicely. I'm planning for the carpet to fill in the right side of the tank. The interior of the "tree" will be filled in with Trident/NLJF. Blyxa (or maybe Downoi?) will surround the hill (btwn the DHG on the right side, and all the way up to the front of the tank).

Equipment list:
36" Odyssey dual bulb T5HO
Sunsun 302 filter
Eco-complete with a small covering of Fluval plant stratum (not a fan of the Ecocomplete look, definitely a fan of its price)

Currently planned stocklist:
2x Apisto cacatuoides (I'll be adding some caves for these guys)
9x Rummynose
7x Hatchet
3-5x Oto
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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