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hi everyone! as you may have guessed, I collect rare/interesting variations of otocinclus catfish (and nano sized catfish in general). this is where they live:

uhhhhh... {cough} went to hawaii for a week, & someone miiiight've forgotten to actually plug in the light timer. oops. {/cough}

after a couple days with the magical UV sterilizer on & a good trimming, I got this:

better. (ignore the weird contrast on the image, idk what was up with my phone)

however, I wasn't really pleased with the overall harmony of the plants and how it came together, so right now I am working towards a nice harmony of texture and color. I'm not going for the Dutch style per se, but I am trying for a more harmonic "garden" feel over the classic jungle look. not sure how to put it in words.

anyways, I gave away a bunch of plants to coworkers and traded for some others. here's my new start:

this is after a little half-hearted trim & the installation of that purple camboba in the back. the picture was taken a couple weeks ago as I've gotten lazy on my tank maintenance as of late (working closing shift 100% of the time is agony).

I'm still not really pleased with it. did a big trim yesterday and pulled most of my rotala rotundifolia in order to make more room for my rotala sp. h'ra, which I moved back in order to give my hygrophilia araguaia more room to carpet. I've got some plants floating right now that I'll plant & do another tank update in a few days after they settle in. here's a couple other pictures:

my zebra oto (Otocinclus cocama) & my "tigre" oto (Hypoptopoma sp. "Tigre") hanging out on my oriental sword.

the same oriental sword with some fauna photobombs.


specs for those interested:

20H tank
Fluval Aquaclear 30 filter
Via Aqua heater
24" Finnex planted+
Sodastream CO2 mod with spiral CO2 diffuser/bubble counter

I use nilocg's fertilizer blend (which is awesome, thanks man) & also dose with Flourish Iron.

I'm seriously considering upgrading to the Aquaclear 50... the turnover rate of the 30 is really just not cutting it :/ opinions?

also I'll be asking "santa" for a solenoid valve for Christmas. anyone have any specific suggestions?

thanks for reading!
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