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20g Long, I actually like the scape, very minimalist, don't mind behind the tank, will be covering it up with black fabric to hide my wall and the imperfections of the stand, the rock in the front to the left will be taken out if i end up not liking it, opinions on the matter would be awesome, and would love to add plants to this once i sell some other stuff
Josh[oldpunk78] was the inspiration of this tank, his 20l rules

Lighting 4x24watt t5ho hanging 7 inches from surface of water, only 2 on at a time, 4x cree blue moonlights that replaced the standard leds that came in the fixture.
Filter:eheim 2236
Heating: I believe its a fluval e250, can't wait to get a hydor eth250
Co2: No co2 tank so my setup isn't hooked up yet sadly, however when ready it will be running both the 25 and 20l
Fauna:1 imported halfmoon king betta, 10 peppered corydoras, 1 very nice bolivian ram male soon to have a couple females to try a pairing, plans for many ramshorn or spixi and trumpet snails.
Flora: couple plants im not sure of, both were hitch hikers when i bought moss at eyecandy aquariums, one is somewhat like a val but a crypt not sure, the other is very pretty red when it likes the lighting and it does right now. will be adding staurogen repens and needle leaf java ferns and peacock moss to the manzanita and maybe some brazillian pennywort to float from one corner of the tank.
substrate:Colorquartz t grade black that I picked up from a family friend who owns a quarry, if you want some i think he ships let me know.
Fertz: flourish comprehensive and fish poo, osmocoteplus in the substrate also, once i have co2 going i'll be doing dry fertz ei.
Picked up the wood from PC1, very nice person to buy from and his pieces are awesome would recommend anyone who wants good manzanita for a very great price to go to him, will be going back to him soon.

second is my 25g cube.
I'm no photographer

Lighting: 2x24watt T5HO on for 8 hours a day 6 inches from surface, marineland led strip used for moonlighting, will upgrade to crees when I can
Filter: Rena xp2, filled with fine filter pads and lots of bio stars
Heating: none for now, hopefully an eth soon.
Co2: none, but will get a co2 tank soom
Fauna:6/8 bloodfin tetras and two apple snails, Have a plan to get 3 more tetras and a pair of bristlenose plecos, a pair of blue rams, and some trumpet snails and ramshorn snails.
Flora: Moss and an anubia nana petite I thought I killed but it loved being in a bucket =], amazon swords and staurogen repens soon to come, and brazillian pennywort if I can ever find some
Fertz: Flourish comp, osmocoteplus

sorry for the bad pics

picture of my co2 setup without the bubble counters attached, thank you josh.

more updates to come as I put more plants in, the 25 will be seeing much more green and will also be getting more fish

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quick update, changed a large amount of water today so took advantage of the opportunity< i added some more slate and moved the anubis down

horrible picture but I don't have a better camera right now, will eventually get one when revenue starts flowing in again

oh I also added the water circulation pump at the top left as I felt I wasn't getting enough flow to the lower region of the tank, very clean now, the pump is rated at 250 gph, its an oceanic biocube circulation pump, works really nicely wish I had another to put in there with it
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