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Good afternoon everyone,

I was just looking for thoughts on what I should do with a 20gal planted tank that I have. It's cycled and ready to go, I just don't know how to stock it. I was originally going to throw some CRS, but the PH won't go below 7, so I ditched that idea. It is set up for some awesome plant growth, and currently has a Madagascar Lace Plant that I want to help thrive, so I will be dosing with excel and probably Iron.

I have had several ideas so far:

A pair of Kribensis (I already have the female, have been searching for a male with little luck, but I'm sure I'll come across one eventually)

A pair of Apistogramma, my LFS has several pair and they seem awesome.

A Kilifish species tank (posibly Florida Flag Fish specifically, but would have tons of room to add fish other than just the Florida Flag. The tank has a BUNCH of algea as I was unconcerned with it when I thought I was gonna dump a bunch of shrimp in there)

I have also been toying with the ideas of a bunch of guppies, but that just sorta seems lame...

I'm open to any other ideas and love a challenge!!

Thank you.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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