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20gal Long Rescape and Restock

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So I'm debating about rescaping my 20 gal long. Wouldn't mind if somebody would give me their opinion of the stocking list.

Already have:

-2 Panda Garra
-3-4 Otos

Thinking of adding:

2-4(?) Scarlet Badis
4-6(?) Clown Killi

And I have a betta that I would like to put in the main tank to clear up some room.
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you could do the badis or killi but not with the RCS. They would be hunting the shrimp too much but you never know from fish to fish. I would do the Badis if it were my tank.
Think ghost shrimp would do any better? Or still be tasty fish snacks....
Ghost shrimp would likely fare much better (and they're so cheap you can just buy more if they get eaten). Another option might be to start a rcs colony first and then introduce the fish, so the shrimp have time to create a sustainable population even while getting occasionally hunted down.
When to the big city fish stores but none had the badis or killis. Ended up getting some pencil fish. So hopfully I can find some next time.
Ghost shrimp also get large enough to take down fish like badis and killies. Get RCs and badis but start a colony of RCs first :)
Will they hunt down full size rcs or just munch on shrimplets?
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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