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20g with 10g sump

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I just wanted to share some pics of the 20g I just set up. I decided to go with a sump on this tank for a number of reasons. It took alot of trial and error to get all the piping correct and leak free but I think I finally got there. Most of the info online about sumps is in reference to reef tanks so I had to make a few adjustments along the way. First off the flow was way too aggressive so I had to create a manner of slowing it down in the display tank. I did that by creating a diverter from the pump back to the first sump chamber with a ball valve for adjustment. All the fish seemed stressed by the original high flow but are much happier now with it slowed down. One problem I still have is trying to find an effective diffusion method for my diy co2. Right now I am just using a airstone in front of the pump.

So far the first chamber of the sump is stuffed with java moss and the 2nd chamber right now is just floaters with the heater. The plan is to run the sump light on an opposite schedule of the display tank. I still need to add some additional filter floss and bio media to the sump.

Well if anybody has any suggestions or criticism of the setup please feel free to share. This has been a learning process for me as I found limited info on planted tanks with sumps to work from.

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Just a ceramic diffuser would be much more efficient than an airstone. I'm not an expert in co2 by any means, but that's one thing I keep hearing over and over.
In case anyone was interested I wanted to give an updated picture to show the growth in around a month. I added an elbow and a pvc pipe to the output of the return. With holes drilled across the length of the pipe and tank it has made a huge difference to the flow and distribution of the co2. The co2 is running directly into the pump and the small bubbles are visibly coming out of the return now and spread around the tank. The fish seem much happier and settled now with the new flow. Only problem is the sump requires almost daily topoffs. Seems to be alot of evaporation. Plants have all taken off and colored up nicely. The ludwigia repens and brazilian pennywort are out of control. The anubias are putting out almost 2 new leaves per week. I was even able to split an anubia for the first time. The ?hygro? in the front middle which never wanted to grow previously has doubled in size and is starting to put out side shoots. Just wish I knew what type of hygro it was.

Now time for a trim!

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