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20G Reborn! (With pictures!)

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O.k, so I've recently joined this forum and have enjoyed reading many threads. (I've been visiting this forum for a year, just never joined).

Now, I have a 20g tank that has been somewhat neglected? (hehe) All the plants were over grown making what is a 20g look like a 10g tank... (Did I forget to mention its 'high-tech'?) I had been busy for awhile so weekly maintenance was slowly delayed by 1-2 day each week haha and before I realised, my small (5x5) carpet of riccia turned into a 60x40 canopy blocking out the light... Bad Idea to let a high tech tank have its way! haha, nevertheless, a friend recently got into planted tanks and all his questions sparked my sensational passion for aquascaping, and it has been 6 months since ive rescaped... (this tank! haha).

Ok, so I decided to rescape the 20g into an iwagumi layout, always wanted one, just been busy with other layouts first. Started planning about 2 weeks about plants wanted, also, maybe different rocks such as seiryu stone as opposed to my usual Dragon Stone. Whilst this was happening, I started selling huge chunks of riccia fluitans for cheap on ebay because I knew i wouldnt be able to keep that many and I hate wasting! haha

Today was the day my aquascaping toys came! some new ADA AS to top off what I have, couple astonishing looking Seiryu Rocks and some HC Cuba. (Ive attempted HC a year ago when I was really new into the hobby and lacked the knowledge).

- Seiryu Rocks
- ADA Amazonia NEW 3L
- Hemianthus Callitrichoides Cuba
- Eleocharis Acicularis
- My Foot with white socks on ... *sigh*

I got right to it the moment I woke up today, with a goal set in mind. UNICORNS. Started cutting up some more Ricca (Weed) for my last 2 sales and posted them, I was extra-extra generous with these last two patches... because I seemed to still have a football field left in my tank. Anyway, I started to drain some of the water into a bucket where I could float some plants, placed in the lovely summer out doors.

I also forgot to mention that ALL the photos were taken with my Iphone because I really wasn't intending to document all this until the last minute, plus I always thought that a good photo disregards the quality of the camera (not that I took any good photos! haha).

Took some inside shots of the half drained jungle tank (jungle is just a nice way of saying my neglected tank hehe)

Admiring my once-upon-a-time tiny Amazon Sword...

Started first with cleaning the intake outflow pipes, and man were they a challenge... haha

Was thinking of cutting letters out.. Then realised, I have a lot to do and play time is not here...

Thinking about what a shame it is that most of this will be tossed away...

Remember that oh-so-tiny Amazon sword?... He found a home! in the tank next door!

Carefully uprooting the other carpets. (If you think im posting too many images then please tell me, ill stop, this is my first time doing any form of documentation that I enjoy, so I couldnt help myself! haha)

Inside shot of all the empty spaces where the stem plants used to party...

Half of the tangled E.T floating on the top taunting me with its time consuming ways!

The other half, the tamed half, the good half!

Just to let you know, most of these plants (stem/carpet) were tossed :'( a moments silent for their lives....................


A new body... Under surgery! I've never attempted Iwagumi before so please dont be too harsh on me haha. I understand that there are certain rules etc that comes with this layout style and I tried my best to follow, but my inexperience in this field will show more flaws than I'd like to have.

Finally, the planting begins... (note, I know most experienced iwagumi aquascapers take PLENTY more time than I did with my hardscape, and it surely pays off for them, but I know that I can change things at will if needed so I'm fairly relaxed about it haha.

Used a TINY fraction of riccia... I'm trying to keep what I can haha...

Filling up the tank, feels good to be at this stage :)

I initially planned on having most of my stem plants from the previous design in there to help prevent algae blooms etc which would later be removed when the tank is more established... Well, things change! haha

That was my day, and it was such a thrill to be rescaping! It is without a doubt, my favourite part of this hobby.

I will be trimming a lot of the back to help emphasise the slop. The blyxia masking the rock on the left will be removed at a later date, its simply there to help with algae. Looking at it now, its awfully put together haha but as it matures there will be plenty of change to help improve the look.

Also, I do apologise again for the quality of the images, maybe as I get into more documentaries ill get more serious with the quality of visual stimulants! haha

Psst!! I used some cheeky polystyrene boards under the substrate to help raise the bed level, I've got half a bag of ADA AS left because of it I think, pretty nice stock for future changes which is inevitable.