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Here is the 20G Long that my girlfriend and I are working on as a way to spend time together.

Here are the specs for the tank

Two 20W CFLs work lights
One Blue bulb being used as a moonlight

15 lbs of Flourite
Will be adding 10 lbs of black sand to it Sunday

Flourish Complete
Flourish Root Tabs
Flourish Excel
CO2 at 2-3 bps

1-Veil tail Betta
1-Zebra Pleaco

Dwarf Hairgrass
Bronze Crypt
Crypt Undata
Cabomba (purple one)
Cabomba (red one)
Two Amazon Swords
Rotala Indica (I believe)
Java Moss
Anubius Nana
Misc Anubius
Misc Crypts

Here is the tank right now, I would like some suggestion on scaping, plant placement, etc

I do have some questions...there isn't a filter on the tank, just a power head with spray bar attached, should I remove the spray bar and just use the power head?

I'm looking to use a sponge prefilter on the power head to act as a pseudo-filter, I'm keeping the tank lightly stock, so that shouldn't be a problem.

I do have a flow problem which relates to the first question.

Lastly, does anyone have an idea how to place the lights better? Granted that's without hanging them from the ceiling.

Here is my zebra pleco that I added today.

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