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20G Lighting Option Help

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So I've tried to do as much research on my own reading threads and trying to do some math, and I think I have it right but just wanna make sure.
Tank dimensions: 24"L X 12"W X 20" H
I have about 3-4" of sloped

With a singe bulb T5HO fixture like the Catalina or the Hagen Glo give me a medium to medium-high lighting. Just not sure if the single or the double would be better.

*Figured the best I could from the PAR vs distance sticky
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I would look at the 2 bulb Hagen Glo light for medium light. It is possible that the Catalina one bulb light would also work well, but I haven't seen any measured PAR data for that light. With a two bulb light you reduce the tendency of the plants to all grow towards the middle of the tank, and you can use two color temperature bulbs to get better color rendition of the plants and fish.
Thanks for the impute, that is helpful. You are the man for lighting.
Would this be OK? Not sure about the reflector since it looks like a once piece and not both. Seems like a decent light though for the price.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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