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20g high low light plants not doing well

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Hey all, I would appreciate some help with my planted tank. It has been established for about five weeks. Since then the plants have not been doing well.

The tank is a 20gallon high. The plants I have are java fern, amazon sword, cryptocoryne lucent, and an anachris. The only plant that is doing okay is the crptocoryne, yet it still is developing yellow/brownish spots. The java fern is black. The amazon sword leafs look thin and pale. The anachris is fine but it is a new addition. I previously had hornwort in the tank but that has since died.

For substrate I have caribsea eco-complete. For lighting I have the nicrew led and a 15w T8 TropicSun 5500k feature. The lights are on for a 12 hour period. I am also dosing Flourish Excel and aquavitro envy.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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Hornwort is a very hard, easy to care for plant that is never sold in emersed form, so I have to disagree with the first diagnosis. It sounds like a nutrition problem for sure. Crypts have robust roots, so they are probably the last holdouts because they still have some reserve energy to draw on. If you don't at least get some nitrogen in there asap, everything will rot.

For a low tech setup with those plants, you would have a much easier time using a dirt substrate. You wouldn't have to worry about fert dosing and you'd even get a little co2 boost.
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